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Squaresplace Plugin: Custom description per product

Have you ever wanted to place different description on different set of products and this info will be constantly changed? Manually adding them into each product can be an option, but it will soon become a headache when there are lots of products and the description required to update every week!

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So I got a direct request to implement these ideas into life

  • Use product tags, set up a common naming convention for this purpose, I created them as “Delivery Note …”
  • Create the new page to place all the additional description in one place, this time take advantage of markdown blocks to assign content for each tag name
  • On page load use ajax to load the external page and check against product tags to see if the matched note has been defined and place to product excerpt element

This mechanism can reduce customer effort and suppport not only text node but also image and other element since the squarespace markdown is quite powerful

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