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Squarespace Solutions: Create personalized certificate on donation

Have you ever need to create a certificate that has client name or info over it? How can you do it in Squarespace? Let’s find out

Squarespace has provided Donation block feature that can help people to donate in your account, what if you need to give them a personalized certificate as a gift? The current system allow you to edit the email template but there is no way you can create an attachment!

In the lastest project I have done, client asked for the exact thing, let’s see what she wanted

I’m creating a product for a non-profit where people can adopt an individual shark. In return, they will receive a digital personalized adoption certificate with their name on it.
This project is to automate the following:
– grab the custom field “name” text from each adoption order
– add this text to the certificate (I will design the certificate)
– email the personalised certificate to the customer as a PDF attachment

I will be using Squarespace which gives the option to use the “Donation” function (rather than product checkout). In “Donation” you can collect additional fields ie “Name”

Developer needed to create personalized certificate product – Ecommerce Development (

So the issue here is how to create a pdf that has the name of donor on it, since the info is contains in the Confirmation Email, I decided to take advantage of Google Apps script to read user’s inbox and get the email content and add it into a Google Document before export it into PDF

  • Assign label for all confirmation emails
  • Set up a time driven trigger to check the inbox every 5 minutes and read the email
  • Once a new order email coming, read it content and parse the donor name into the Google Document template
  • Save the file as PDF and use sendMail() method to send mail to client
  • Since Google Apps script support html email, I can use Mailchimp to design an email template

To make sure client can edit the parameters without my help, I set up a settings sheet with all the needed variables

And that’s another challenging project but ended really well, client was really happend gave a glowing review!

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