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Squarespace Plugin: Filterable table with GSheets

Table is missing on Squarespace builder, let’s see how I handle a request from customer

Squarespace builder always complain a lot about table on the platform, it’s simply not supported! Therefore site owner always looking for the best way to display table on the site

“…I too am desperate for an easy to use table block!…” – Upside

“…We need tables. I’ve been begging for them for literally years but my requests must go into the pile that no-one actions….” – paul2009

“…It’s no good having an easy to use CMS if you’ve got to go into HMTL or CSS to update a table…” – Scoobie

Tables – what tool are you using? – Page 3 – Third Party Tools – Squarespace Forum

This was the case of Brian when he moved from WordPress to Squarespace, his project as follow

I don’t know how to explain this other than to link to an example:
[login to view URL]
The search function on the page above is pulling the data from an Excel sheet uploaded on the backend. That’s on a wordpress site. I need someone to replicate this on a Squarespace site. (If it’s possible.)

Need a search function (for excel sheets) on a Squarespace site | WordPress | PHP | HTML | Website Design | Excel | Freelancer
What is the requirements

The table should be filterable, support pagination and being responsive, that is when I thought about datatables plugin

  • Use datatables to display the table on the page
  • Inject the snippet as custom code
  • The dataset will be manage via Google Sheets, user can be easily update the spreadsheet to change the table content
The dataset where user can update himself
Final output

After some revisions, we decided to add those things to the current plugin:

  • The theme he used support ajax, therefore the table will be collapsed when switch page, so I suggested to use observer pattern to listen for DOM changes to make it working properly
  • We switched from the html export to csv export, from Google Sheets publish settings
The final output is working

“Did great work very quickly and was super patient with me when our end of things took WAY longer than it was supposed to. Highly recommended!”

Brian S.
New York, United States

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