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Squarespace Plugin: Geolocation World Clock

Using a world clock can make your potential clients all over globe feel welcomed when visit your website

You may have familiar feeling whenever seeing your current location is displaying on a website right? That is what Charlie expect when he asking me to build a World Clock on his website

  • A realtime clock on top of the header
  • The current time should match user current local time
  • Should include timezone, full date and a ticking time
  • Must be responsive and use same style of the site
Challenge accepted! What’s then
  • I used momentjs and jQuery to make the clock working with correct user’s timezone
  • A timeout count up every second will update the clock text to make it ticking
  • Apply some custom css and do some tests on various browsers and devices

More screenshot on other pages

Is this plugin the missing piece your website are looking for? If yes, I am willing to talk in details to fulfill your needs immediately

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