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Squarespace Plugin: Geolocation based Currency Converter

Squarespace does not support multiple currency converter as default, therefor I got a lots of implement requests

Do you ever need a currency converter on website?

If you are a store owner, I guess you always want your products price to be display on user’s currency so they can easily figure how much it cost in their country/region

I always get identical requirement like so

Hi, I run a website/shop on squarespace. annoyingly they don’t allow me to show multiple currency. I’m looking for someone who can let me show selected currency according to ip-address. probably though code injection. tried [login to view URL] works ok, but want it to be more integrated.

Multiple Currency Squarespace | PHP | HTML | JavaScript | Website Design | CSS | Freelancer

We are having a startup shop selling products through our website. We want to offer multi-currency option to customers through a simple button. The customer should be able to switch currencies so that all product prices automatically switch to their currency of choice. Exchange rates should be automatically updated.

Currency Converter plugin for Squarespace | HTML | Website Design | JavaScript | CSS | Squarespace | Freelancer
What are the common points between these projects?
  • Require a way to display the price in user currency based on where they live
  • Convert the rate between currency automatically
  • Should be display converted money in product pages, collection pages and should be updated automatically when variants options changed

I know you should be wondering why these customer did not buy one of the plugins out there, they are quite a lot options, but I believe these plugins can’t provide a flexible method and well integrated enough to their current website

Initial design – I got a pdf with detail like so
  • The plugin would be injected as custom code user required it must be simple to modify the default currency
  • I used jQuery and IP detection to detect where user is
  • A dictionary is prepare to know which currency is used on current location, and what is the symbol of currency
Let’s see what it’s look like when completed

Unforturnately, I can only show 1 out of 2 projects due to a non-disclosure agreements, but both client has been very happy, they gave wonderful feedbacks

Delivered exactly what I asked for. very pleased to work with Ba Ngan L. and would do so again.

Matias M.
@mmoellenbach – Copenhagen, Denmark

Ba Ngan L. was super to work with. He was very professional and delivered excellent results. He was quick and did what we communicated in a very efficient and quality manner

Pranav D.
@aureus2020 – Antwerpen, Belgium

Do you find is useful to have your own currency converter like that? Feel free to connect me

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