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Squarespace Plugin: Delivery Date on Product Form

Default Date Time input on Squarespace product form is not friendly, so client came to me to improve it.

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Have you ever need a date input like so?

This is what the squarespace currently support, you should find it on the product form.
The name said it’s purpose but it not friendly or flexible enough, like what client asked

We need a delivery calendar that will go on the product page and be used by customers to select a requested delivery date. The calendar must have dates blocked out depending on the order day. In addition, it will need the ability to set a cut-off time for each day, and only let customers select the next day for delivery (if before 5pm).
So if a customer orders at 5:30pm on Monday, the earliest delivery option will be Wednesday. if they ordered on Monday at 4pm, they would be able to select Tuesday.
I would like this to be a physical calendar, not a dropdown menu.

Delivery calendar on Squarespace ecommerce website | JavaScript | Squarespace | Freelancer

Let’s break down the project into smaller chunks:

  • Replace the current date time picker with a visually calendar input, where user can easily change the date
  • Support advance features such as: disabled certain dates, change display date format
  • It must be easily for custom to change the rule by himself without edit the code directly
  • And most important, the ‘physical calendar’ must fit the current site style

So once the requirements are clear, I took my time to implement a custom code plugin that replace the default text input into a calendar view as you can see now

The custom was very happy as it working like he imagined in the first place, fit the current site very well

I guess most of store owner are in need of an easy to use date time picker like that, so if you are one of them, don’t hesitate to contact me right away!

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